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Automester Partners

We are delighted to announce our AutoMester partnership. Keeping us in a tight network of the best garages Ireland has to offer

AA Approval

Now an AA Approved garage. AA approved garages have high standards in staff training, equipment, as well as quality workmanship and we will strive to continue to uphold this high standard in the ever advancing motor trade.

Customised Remapping - Performance Tuning

And to add another string to our bow we are providing the top class service of Customised Remapping. What this means is that with our UK performance partners RHBevo, we can upgrade your vehicles software to a far more advanced stage. This allows us to customise your vehicle to your needs. So if you would like improved power output and faster throttle response in your new Rangerover.  Or how about better fuel economy for your fleet of vans. We can also add and remove electronic speed limiters and correct previous faulty maps.

All our custom tunes are developed specifically for your requirements by our UK partners RHBevo
For more information on our custom remapping service please call or message with your vehicle registration number.


"Only garages with the best quality workmanship can be part of our AutoMester network. 

Maintaining and improving skills is an important part of the AutoMester philosophy."

Boyle Motors & AutoMester - Your Car, Our Responsibility

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Monday - Friday

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Boyle Motors

Boyle Motors

Co Dublin

Tlf.:  01 6280741

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